I am an International Relations scholar and lecturer aiming to write interesting things about wars and weapons and power and policy.


Since getting my PhD from the University of Birmingham in 2013, I’ve held positions at the London School of Economics and Political Science, London City University, and Durham University. 


Since I’ve always been drawn to the dark side, my research is about how the weird quirks of human behaviour promote war-waging and delay peace-making. That’s why I’ve briefed NATO and why I’ve lectured to foreign military officers at the Royal College of Defence Studies.


Every year I also teach hundreds of lucky undergraduates about International Relations theory, political psychology and Middle East politics (so I’m good at breaking down complicated ideas into formats that are easier to understand). 


My aim here is to translate all of this academic knowledge and experience into bite-sized nuggets of expertise, and to create posts that are actually useful enough to bother reading and sharing. Please note, sci-fi references will be used at every possible opportunity. 

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